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People having fun on the bus.

We Make Getting There Fun!

In 2014 we found ourselves planning a wedding. Venues, caterers, photographers, table and chair rental, hotel room blocks, decorations, ceremony, reception, alcohol, DJ, set up, clean up………ahhhhh! It’s a lot! In the midst of it all we realized that we were facilitating the perfect storm. Come celebrate with us, eat with us, dance with us, drink with us. And then what? Drive home? After drinking?! Nope, couldn’t do it. We had enough to worry about on our big day. From the weather to the temperature of the food to where guests would use the bathroom. We just couldn’t leave something as serious as our guests drinking and driving to chance. We rented a party bus to work as a shuttle throughout the night. Reception to hotels, repeat.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Our guests were able to relax, drink, and enjoy the night. When they were ready to leave there was a designated driver waiting to take them to their hotel. The weight of the world was off of our shoulders. Every single one of our guests made it to their destination safe and sound that night. To this day we still have friends and family recall how incredibly nice it was to have transportation provided for them at the end of the night.

We realized that there is a real demand for safe transportation. A night out on the town to unwind with coworkers, a wedding, or a trip to Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center to see your favorite band. Each of these events has the potential to make lifelong memories, or inflict the lifelong consequences of drunk driving. Loaded Transportation Company is here to help you make those lifelong memories, and get you and your party home safe.

Nate and Jess
Loaded Transportation Company