Our party bus includes 25 cup holders, 16 phone charging ports, 7 speaker professional stereo, 10ft AUX cord, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, and LED lighting capable of 16 million different colors. The stereo and lighting controls are fully controlled by the client.

Our seating configuration comfortably accommodates 18 adults. Some companies charge for the bus, charge separately for a driver, charge separately for fuel, and even have a separate charge for a tip. Our rates are all inclusive except tip. We encourage you to reward our professional drivers with an appropriate tip.

  • Sunday-Thursday – $100/hour (overtime $120/hour)
  • Friday – $110/hour (overtime $130/hour)
  • Saturday – $120/hour (overtime $140/hour)

Overtime hours are available based on vehicle availability, driver discretion, and payable prior to beginning. Reserved hours are billed at the base rate. The additional hours increased rate is only charged when an event is extended after it has already been reserved.

For example:

  • An event is reserved for 4 hours on a Monday. $100 x 4 = $400.
  • The client decides in the 4th hour that they would like the bus for a 5th hour.
  • The 5th hour, if available, will cost $120 and be payable prior to beginning.

All rentals are a minimum of 4 hours. Start time begins when the bus leaves our facility in Delphi, IN and time ends when the bus arrives back at our facility in Delphi, IN.

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